Why is a Dental Crown Needed and How Long Do They Last?

tips for a stunning smile

Tips for a Stunning Smile

Everyone desires a smile that they feel good about. After all, a smile plays a large role in the impression you make on others and is typically the first thing others notice about you. Some individuals are lucky enough to be born with naturally beautiful teeth, but a healthy smile isn’t easy to achieve for…

some facts you didn’t know about invisalign

Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Invisalign

Invisalign made its debut in the teeth-straightening world back in 1997, becoming wildly popular for its invisible aligners. Finally, individuals had an alternative to the painful and embarrassing ordeal of traditional metal braces. If you are struggling with a crooked smile, you may want to look into Invisalign and determine if it is right for…

the importance of regular dental check ups

The Importance Of Regular Dental Check-Ups

One of the keys to maintaining optimal oral health is regularly attending dental cleanings and dental checkups near you. If it has been a while since you’ve visited a dentist in Okotoks, it’s time to book an appointment. Even if you have no symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay, it is essential to prioritize…

reasons to choose laser dentistry

Reasons To Choose Laser Dentistry

Today, dentistry is more advanced than ever, and many people aren’t even aware of how many improvements have been made to dental technology over the last few decades. One such advancement is the use of laser dentistry in Okotoks. The laser has become an essential tool in making dental procedures safer, easier, and more pleasant….