Getting Past Dental Anxiety With Laser Dentistry

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getting past dental anxiety with laser dentistry

Dental phobia is so common that it has its own Latin name: dentophobia or odontophobia. What are people afraid of? While no two people’s experience of dental anxiety or fear is the same, there is a cluster of common themes that answer the question “What are people afraid of?” Here are some of the most common answers to that all-too-common question.

  • Fear of pain
  • A fear of needles and injections or — and this is related to the first one — a fear they won’t work
  • A fear of things being placed in their mouth and of choking or being unable to speak
  • Fear of the side effects of anesthesia such as nausea and dizziness
  • A fear of feeling helpless or out of control, especially since you can’t see what’s happening
  • A feeling of embarrassment and self-consciousness over the invasion of your personal space
  • A visceral reaction to the sensations of dentistry: the sounds, smells, and even vibrations.

Your dentist in Okotoks is well aware of how many people are anxious about going to the dentist and about receiving essential and even routine dental care. In fact, dentists near you are committed to developing practices and procedures and to making investments to try and minimize that common fear and anxiety. Two examples of investments and treatments with your comfort in mind are: sedation dentistry and laser dentistry in Okotoks.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry takes advantage of different types of laser technology to perform a wide variety of procedures on hard tissues (teeth and bone) and soft tissues (gums and tissue). Laser dentistry technology and procedures can detect cavities, prepare teeth for fillings, kill bacteria, treat tooth sensitivity, reshape and contour your gums, detach a thick or tight frenulum, remove tumours, reduce pain and inflammation, regenerate blood vessels and nerves, treat cold sores, hasten the bleaching process, and remove tissues that interfere with the fit of dentures.

How does laser dentistry address dental fear and anxiety?

There are five benefits of laser dentistry that may help ease anxiety and fear that many people associate with going to and receiving treatment from a dentist:

  • Laser dentistry lets dentists provide treatments without using a drill, meaning treatment will be silent and vibration-free
  • Many laser-based procedures are painless and won’t require any anesthesia. No needles to be afraid of!
  • Because lasers work without making incisions, much less blood is released during laser dentistry in Okotoks
  • Because of the precision of laser dentistry, procedures can be completed faster and, because lasers are much less invasive than traditional approaches, multiple procedures can often be completed in fewer appointments than might otherwise be needed
  • Because laser dentistry does not involve drills and does not cause bleeding and swelling, you’ll experience shorter recovery times and lower infection risks following treatment

The opportunity to receive laser dentistry near you may make it possible to receive treatment essential to maintaining your dental health despite your natural dental fear and anxiety. In situations where the availability of laser dentistry in Okotoks is not alone enough to surmount that fear and anxiety, ask your dentist in Okotoks about the availability of sedation dentistry. A dentist in Okotoks may be able to combine laser and sedation dentistry to minimize the triggers of fear and anxiety while performing treatment while you are in a relaxed state with the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation or even IV sedation.

What’s the bottom line? Your dentist in Okotoks is determined to do what they can to ensure you get the care and professional treatment you need in the most comfortable way possible. Laser dentistry is one of many resources they can offer.