Whether you have lost one tooth or several neighbouring teeth, or have elected to wear full sets of dentures, titanium dental implants are permanent and versatile solutions for tooth loss. We are happy to offer dental implants in Okotoks at our clinic.

dental implants in okotoks

Dental Implants Near You

We offer dental implants in Okotoks to provide permanent solutions for missing teeth, regardless of how it was caused and how many teeth you lost. Implants are built from three components. The first part is a post made out of titanium that is screwed into your jawbone. The second part — an abutment — is attached to that post, and the final element is called the restoration. The restoration is used to replace the missing tooth, denture, bridge, or other dental elements.

Dental implants are composed of titanium because it has high corrosion resistance and immense strength and durability. Once the implants are screwed into your jawbone, the post is accepted by your body. The post will fuse to your jawbone by a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration stimulates new bone tissue growth, leaving you with an even healthier jaw than you started with.

Dental implants can replace multiple missing teeth by providing an anchor for a dental bridge or providing mounts for full dentures. If you have a small jaw or a weak jaw bone, you may still qualify as a candidate to receive dental implants near you. With the help of technology, there are many different options available for dental implants.

The first step in receiving dental implants in Okotoks is to speak to your dentist during a consultation. During that consultation, your dentist will take images of your mouth and teeth to create a customized treatment plan. The next step of your treatment is to have any other teeth extracted to make room for your implants. Your dentist will wait until your jaw bone has healed and recovered before installing the restoration.

Three Takeaways About Dental Implants

  • The osseointegration of the titanium implants into your jaw will stimulate new bone growth.
  • With dental implants, you’ll be able to eat normally.
  • Receiving dental implants in Okotoks, AB helps stimulate healthy bone growth.

Looking for dental implants near you? We offer dental implants in Okotoks at our clinic! Schedule your appointment today.