Cosmetic dentistry can help eliminate flaws in teeth and enhance your overall appearance. The apparent shape of your teeth can be altered by veneers, while contouring alters the shape of otherwise healthy teeth. Gums also have a significant aesthetic effect and can be contoured to change their shape.

gum and tooth contouring in okotoks

Gum and Tooth Contouring Near You

Are you looking to receive a smile transformation? At Cimmaron Dental Wellness, we offer gum and tooth contouring in Okotoks, AB! To reshape your teeth, your dentist in Okotoks will start by polishing your teeth and then reshaping them into their desired shape by grinding and polishing. The goal of this procedure is to reshape healthy teeth to give them a consistent shape and size.

Your gum shape can also affect the appearance of your smile. Some patients with gums that are swollen, asymmetrical, or reach too low on the tooth can receive gum contouring. This procedure can change your gums’ location on your teeth and make your teeth appear brighter by revealing more enamel!

Before receiving gum contouring in Okotoks, AB, your dentist will draw a line that shows on your gums to show you the expected results. Your dentist performs this procedure using lasers, scalpels, and a local anesthetic to numb the area.

The recovery process for gum contouring surgery will take several weeks. Your dental hygiene is essential during that time and must be performed gently. You will notice that your gums will be easily irritated and sensitive during the recovery period. Our dental team may provide a cleansing mouth rinse to minimize the risk of infection.

Key Points About Contouring of Gums and Teeth

  • Genetics, health issues, and the side effects of some medications can cause gummy smiles that can be adjusted by the contouring of gums.
  • Undergoing gum contouring near you is not just a cosmetic procedure acquired. Patients who are experiencing receding gums attributable to periodontal disease undergo gum reshaping as part of treatment.