Oral cancer affects your sinuses, tongue, lips, palate, the floor of your mouth, sinuses, and cheeks. With early detection, the overall five-year survival rate for oral cancer increases from 65% to 84%. Our office offers VELscope screenings near you to identify lesions and abnormal tissues that may indicate oral cancer.

velscope screening in okotoks

Velscope Screening Near You

VELscope oral cancer screenings are painless and non-invasive. It is a safe process that causes no side effects. The VELscope shines a blue light into your mouth to detect abnormalities in the soft tissues in your mouth. Healthy tissues will be bright green, while abnormal tissues will be very dark when exposed to blue light.

If you are interested in receiving VELscope screenings in Okotoks, AB, it will only take two minutes! The VELscope can identify more than just cancer concerns. It also shows indications of bacterial growth and fungal infections.

The VELscope screenings allow your dentist to diagnose oral cancer as early as possible as the device detects abnormal tissues before there are any signs of oral cancer.

Key Points About VELscope Screening

  • We provide VELscope screenings near you as a part of your regular dental checkup.
  • VELscope screenings are done non-invasively in a couple of minutes.
  • The causes of oral cancer include excessive alcohol consumption, prolonged exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation, and smoking. Patients over forty years of age are more likely to develop oral cancer.

Looking for VELscope screenings near you? We are happy to provide VELscope screenings in Okotoks, AB, to detect oral cancer in the early stages.