The Four Biggest Benefits of Dental Implants

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the four biggest benefits of dental implants

One of the most pressing questions that people ask — sometimes even while they still have most of their own teeth but in anticipation of the future — is the staff at our dental office in Okotoks “What is the best option for replacing my teeth?” If you’re wondering about the same thing, we can help. To learn what options are best for you, contact a dental office in Okotoks. The staff and a dentist near you will describe all the options that may be appropriate and explain the biggest benefits of one of the most popular and successful dental procedures available today — dental implants.

For all intents and purposes, implants are real teeth

Implants made of titanium replace the missing roots of your natural teeth. Once the post fuses to your jaw bone, the root is completely invisible and the restoration attached to it will appear identical to natural teeth. Sure, you can tell people about them if you want to. But they’ll never find out on their own. There is one way that an implant-supported restoration differs from natural teeth. They’ll never develop tooth decay or a cavity.

They even blend completely naturally with your remaining teeth

Dental implants in Okotoks are not your option to replace lost teeth. People who have chosen other options such as traditional dentures, though, often complain about their dentures’ poor poor fit and their lack of confidence while wearing them. Implants don’t change the shape of your mouth the way dentures do. Implants don’t feel lose the way dentures might.

Your jaw will be healthier with implants than with dentures

Even the best dentures on the market sit on your gums without replacing the roots of your missing teeth. This is important for two reasons. First, dentures can produce sores and soreness in your gums. Second, dentures don’t prevent the loss of bone tissue jaw strength that flows from living without natural teeth for the long term.

Since implant-supported restorations don’t rest on your gums, they’ll never cause sores. Because implants do replace the roots of your missing teeth, they stop the loss of bone mass and tissue and even stimulate the growth of new and healthy bone tissue.

Beyond just your jaw, you’ll be healthier too

Since losing your teeth, you’ve no doubt realized that there are a lot of foods you simply can’t eat anymore — things like some meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Missing out on those foods means you’re experiencing significant nutritional deficits in your diet that are not made up by wolfing down easy-to-chew options like pasta and bread instead. If, on the other hand, you’re still trying to eat as you used to without being able to chew like when you had teeth, your stomach and digestive system are paying a steep price. While wearing implants, you’ll be able to eat all the foods you love and all the foods you need to eat to be healthy, live actively and sustain a heart-friendly weight.

There are lots of marketing gimmicks and gurus out there that promise you life-changing experiences. The last thing we want to do is make a promise we can’t keep. If you’re curious about these claims on behalf of dental implants — and maybe especially if you’re sceptical — we encourage you to contact a dentist near you to discuss all the alternatives. While implants may not be the appropriate solution for every person with missing teeth, millions of people have achieved completely satisfying results. Obtaining dental implants from a dentist in Okotoks may be just the ticket for you too.