Why is a Dental Crown Needed and How Long Do They Last?

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why is a dental crown needed and how long do they last

Your dentist can use a crown to cover or “cap” a tooth. Dental crowns near you can be used to restore the shape, look, and function of either an injured or lost tooth. If you’ve had a root canal, a huge filling, or a fractured tooth, you might need a crown.

The crown protects the tooth from future damage while restoring it. Crowns can also be used to conceal a tooth that has become discolored or malformed. A crown-covered tooth resembles a natural tooth in appearance and function.

What is a Dental Crown?

It is a cap that is positioned on a prepped tooth. The sole purpose is to restore your tooth structure.

Onlays, Inlays, and crowns are indirect restorations as they are made outside of the mouth, rather than being built in layers straight onto your teeth, much like a filling.

Indirect restorations are called inlays, should they only cover part of the tooth without extending to the pointed tip of the tooth. It becomes an Onlay when it extends to the tooth’s cusp. Once it thoroughly covers the top surface of your tooth, you would call it a cap or crown. Therefore, a crown is a full-coverage restoration.

When are dental crowns in Okotoks recommended? It is used to hold cracked teeth together, cap any damaged teeth due to tooth decay, cover root canal treatments, and help your teeth resist further decay.

Crowns are also utilized to correct alignment defects and tooth color and rectify any structural damages to individual teeth.

Even though getting a veneer done is less invasive than a crown, the latter offers more reliability because of the added bite strength.

Your dentist near you will make an impression on your teeth, then shape the restoration to resemble the teeth it will replace. Dental cement is used to attach the restoration.

Onlays, crowns, and Inlays are way more useful than fillings when it comes to restoring your teeth to take the punch against biting forces. Indirect restorations are better able to withstand further decay. You may face a situation where a tooth’s the original structure is severely compromised, in which case an indirect restoration would provide a long-lasting result.

Aside from that, it protects the root from further infection or any infection at all. This shows how important a dental crown is.

There are two reasons why dental crowns are recommended for missing teeth.

1 – Cosmetic Reasons

People opt for crowns performed by a dentist in Okotoks due to crooked teeth or restoring aesthetics. After all, crooked teeth tend to hurt one’s smile. People with this problem lack the confidence to laugh or smile in public. Dental crowns will boost one’s confidence as they will adequately cover crooked or misaligned teeth.

Stained teeth issues make an individual want to hide away. Every person wants to look beautiful. This is impossible when you’re saddled with stained teeth as it would detract from your beauty.

2 – Functional Reasons

You may have to deal with a weakened tooth. An injured or cracked tooth can be very weak. In cases where nothing gets done to fix the issue, certain parts of your tooth will come apart, leading to more damage.

Patients are bound to experience more pain and discomfort. Therefore, crowns are recommended to strengthen the tooth. It will hold both the tooth and its parts in place to prevent it from loosening.

Dental crowns usually last from five to 15 years. A crown’s lifespan is determined by the amount of wear and tear it receives, as well as how well you maintain good dental hygiene.

Multiple fillings weaken your tooth structure. Damages are inevitable when your tooth does not get strengthened. Dental crowns fitted by experts in dentistry at Cimarron Dental Wellness are ideal for enhancing the structure of your teeth.