When the soft joint between your lower jaw and skull becomes inflamed, it causes temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Patients who suffer from TMD can experience headaches, neck and jaw pain, or difficulties opening their jaw. If you are looking for TMJ treatment near you, we are happy to offer TMJ treatment in Okotoks to relieve discomfort and pain.

tmj treatment in okotoks

TMJ Treatment Near You

Before we provide treatment, our dentist will screen patients for TMD by asking the following questions:

  • Does your jaw make clicking or popping sounds?
  • Do you grind your teeth?
  • Do you experience difficulties opening or moving your jaw?

These questions help us identify the cause of your TMD. Symptoms of TMD can also overlap with sleep bruxism (teeth clenching in your sleep). These symptoms include:

  • Damaged dental restorations
  • Worn down enamel
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Chipped or loose teeth
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Limits in jaw motion

We offer TMJ treatment near you in two stages. The first stage is mouthguards, which can also treat sleep bruxism. We will create a custom-fit mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding.

Our dentist will reshape your teeth during the second stage of TMJ treatment. If your TMD cannot be treated in these two stages, our dentist near you will recommend orthodontics or jaw surgery.

Key Points About TMJ Treatment

  • Ensure you are receiving a mouthguard from your dentist to treat TMD.
  • Please mention all the symptoms you are suffering from to your dentist, even if it is non-dental related. Symptoms affecting your head, sleep, neck, face, and jaw can potentially be treated by your dentist.

Looking for TMJ therapy near you? Our office is happy to offer TMJ treatment in Okotoks to relieve your pain.